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AllyFlex Sports® Open Patella Knee Brace

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Patella Stabilizer Knee Support

A Patella Knee Brace: The Best Solution for an Injured or Luxating Patella

A patella knee brace can be used to prevent tracking issues from a luxating patella or dislocated kneecap.

There are many types of knee issues that can affect the kneecap. Some of these include patellofemoral malalignment (where the kneecap is not aligned properly) and patellar subluxation (where the kneecap gets pulled as you move). In severe cases, these issues can cause kneecap (patella) dislocations. Another knee issue that affects the patellar is patellar tendonitis.

If you’ve injured your patella, then our patella stabilizing brace is the best solution. It holds the patella in place while you run and reduces pain and swelling, while preventing further injury. It also helps the pain associated with patellar tendonitis because it compresses the patellar tendon, reducing inflammation.

Our Patella Stabilizing Brace is Perfect Knee Support for:

  • Luxating Patella
  • Patellar Tendonitis
  • Jumping
  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • Pain-Relief

A Patella Knee Brace: What Does a Patellar Stabilizer Do?

Wearing a patella knee brace or an open patella knee brace can help your knee move properly and decrease the wearing down of the knee joint. It can also help prevent kneecap dislocations and fight against unnatural knee movement caused by patella tracking issues.

Patella stabilizers and patella tracking braces help do this by providing compression all around the knee and “lifting” the knee into proper position. They also help give added support around the kneecap. This AllyFlex Sports® Patella Knee Brace is the best patella stabilizer on the market.

What's a Patellar Tendonitis Knee Brace?

Patellar tendonitis or jumper's knee occurs when you experience inflammation in your patellar tendon. The patellar tendon connects the kneecap to your shin bone. Patellar tendonitis weakens the tendon, which can lead to tears. A patellar tendonitis knee brace reduces pain and swelling, while preventing further injury or tearing. It helps the pain associated with tendonitis because it compresses the patellar tendon, reducing inflammation.

The Optimal Open Patella Knee Brace for Everyday Patella Support

A Knee Support that Keeps You Cool and Comfortable

Our Open Patella Knee Brace was designed with perforated material and a CoolMax® lining that provide stronger support while keeping your skin dry and comfortable. In addition, the non-skid lining keeps the brace in place during activities.

Reinforced Open Patella Stabilizer

This extra strong support assists in stabilizing the ACL, PCL, LCL, and MCL ligaments. The open ring will also hold the patella in the proper position.

Adjustable for the Perfect Fit around Your Knee

Three adjustable straps reinforce stability and provide custom fit and flexibility while the knee brace is in use. See chart for sizing details.

Features & Benefits of Our Patella Stabilizer

  • Patella Support Knee Brace: This knee brace is 50% thicker and 100% stronger than other patella knee braces, giving you extra support for your knee and kneecap.
  • Open Patella Stabilizer: The Reinforced Ring around the Open EVA Pad helps stabilize the knee cap and relieve pressure and stress.
  • Strong & Breathable: The brace is made from high performance perforated neoprene which gives you tighter compression, stronger support and higher breathability.
  • Anti-Skid: The Silica Gel elastic straps further improve skid resistance and stability, which makes the knee brace perfect for running, jumping, basketball, tennis, soccer, and other sports.

One Size Fits Most
This patella support brace is designed to wear on either leg. This one size fits most is best for knees 12.4"-19.1" in circumference. Once adjusted correctly it will provide optimal knee support for men, women, and youth.