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NeoAlly® High Compression Knee Sleeves

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Pack: Single

Size: S

Color: Black/Blue

Sku: FF-1500S

High Compression Knee Support for Running and Other Sports

Long-Lasting Compression for Knee Protection

If you're looking for a knee brace for running, you may really need a knee sleeve. Our NeoAlly® High Compression Knee Sleeves are made with a tight circular weaving technique that results in a high density, durable support sleeve. They offer true, long-lasting compression that offers superior knee support for running, sports and other activities.

Different weaving patterns in targeted areas of the sleeve increase flexibility. As a result, you'll get optimal compression for patella support without hindering knee movement. This flexibility also makes these the ideal CrossFit knee sleeves.

Knee Recovery and Pain Relief

The most highlighted feature in a knee sleeve is the compression it provides. Compression restricts muscle oscillation and narrows blood vessels, which translates to less stress on the muscles and faster, more efficient blood flow to and from the knee area. Efficient blood flow facilitates faster recovery.

So, if you wear a knee brace or sleeve for knee pain, the compression will promote more efficient blood flow. As a result, you’ll experience reduced discomfort, pain and swelling in just a matter of days and be on your way to healing.

Uses for this High Compression Knee Sleeves:

  • Running
  • CrossFit
  • Pain Relief
  • Basketball
  • Runner's Knee
  • Jumping
  • Knee Recovery
  • Patella Support

Long-Lasting Compression Knee Sleeves for Running and Sports

Breathable and Comfortable with Optimal Knee Support for Running, CrossFit and Other Sports

These knee sleeves are latex-free and will help keep your skin dry and comfortable. They offer ideal knee support for running, CrossFit and other sports and daily activities. In addition, the unique design offers flexibility and durability that withstand the stress of repetitive bending and jumping, creating the ideal CrossFit knee sleeves.

Knee Sleeve Will Not Slide Down or Roll Up

We know you need a knee support that stays in place - this sleeve won't slide or bunch up.

  1. Anti-Slip, Stay-Put Design
  2. Anti-Roll Weaving Behind the Knee to Prevent Rolling

Long-Lasting Knee Protection That Helps Enhance Performance and Quick Recovery

The true compression and flexibility in these sleeves enhance knee strength and stability. They also improve blood circulation, which speeds up muscle recovery.

Looking for a Knee Brace for Knee Pain? You May Need a Knee Sleeve Instead

Knee braces are normally worn when there’s already an existing injury, whereas knee sleeves are used for compression, support, and mostly preventive measures. If you're looking for knee support for running or a knee brace for knee pain, you may actually need a knee sleeve. While both compression sleeves and braces provide support to knee ligaments and muscles, there are quite a few differences between them.

Features & Benefits

  • Anti-Slip Silicone: Our innovative "Lock-In-Place" design and the Anti-Slip silicone weaving keep the knee sleeve in place - no sliding down or rolling up. These knee sleeves are great for running and sports!
  • Medical Grade Compression: High-density, tight circular weaving provides this sleeve with long-lasting, medical grade compression.
  • Pain Relief & Injury Prevention: This high compression knee support can help relieve pain and stiffness, aid in injury recovery, and prevent future injuries.
  • Flexible, Breathable Fabric: This knee sleeve incorporates moisture-wicking polyester into a nylon-Spandex blend, which keeps you dry and allows a full range of motion.
  • Size & Color: There are 4 colors and 4 sizes to choose from for men and women. Please follow the size chart directions for appropriate fit.

Size Chart: (measure the circumference of your leg at the kneecap level)
➤ Small: 13.5"-15.5" ➤ Medium: 16.0"-18.5" ➤ Large: 19.0"-21.5" ➤ X-Large: 21.5"-24.0"

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