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Uptofit® Copper Knee Support Sleeve

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Uses: Everyday Support, Arthritis, Tendonitis, Running, Sports, Workouts, Pain Relief

Our Uptofit® copper knee support sleeve is lightweight, durable and provides long-lasting compression for everyday wear. The sleeve is latex free, moisture wicking and so comfortable you can wear it all day and night.

Key Features & Benefits

  • 25% Copper Fiber – Truly Copper Rich
  • Everyday Wear, Simple Stylish Design
  • Thin, Lightweight, Moderate Compression
  • High Quality Moisture-Wicking Materials – Keeps Skin Dry
  • Use for a Variety of Sports and Everyday Activites
  • Lifetime Warranty + Money Back Guarantee
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Copper Compression Knee Support for Everyday Activities

Knee Comfort, Support and Recovery 
Our UPTOFIT® Copper Compression Knee Sleeve is truly copper rich. It contains 25% copper fiber and offers the benefits of both copper and compression. The knee sleeve provides comfort and support to your joints during daily workouts and casual activities. It also helps with blood circulation and muscle recovery. Learn More About Our Uptofit® Brand

A knee support that contains copper is often referred to as a copper compression knee brace, but it’s usually a sleeve.

Uses for this Copper Knee Sleeve:

  • Pain Relief
  • Arthritis
  • Running
  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Yoga
  • Daily Activities

Optimal Copper Compression for Everyday Knee Support

Copper-Rich Material
Our copper woven knee brace (sleeve) is made of ultra-thin soft copper-rich material. It has 4-way stretch elasticity to ensure perfect fit, comfort and steadiness.

Easy to Put On
Our copper knee support sleeve is thin, durable, and lightweight. It’s an ultra-thin knee support that’s easy to quickly put on or take off.

Allows Full Range of Motion
The 4-way compression of this knee compression sleeve ensures a full range of motion and protection.

Features & Benefits of a Copper Knee Support Sleeve

  • What is Truly Copper Rich? Most companies claim their copper sleeves contain the highest copper-infused content (as high as 88% copper nylon) but they never provide the percentage of copper. Our ankle sleeve is truly copper rich: 25% copper fiber, 45% nylon, 25% spandex and 5% polyester.
  • Moderate Knee Support: These knee sleeves are designed for people suffering from nagging knee injuries, stiff joints or sore muscles. They allow full range of motion.
  • Flexible & Breathable: This knee sleeve has moisture-wicking polyester in a nylon-Spandex blend and is thin enough to wear under pants or uniforms.
  • Everyday Wear: Our copper knee support is tightly woven with long-lasting compression. It provides warmth and protection for low-impact activities and pain relief for ailments such as arthritis. The uses and benefits of this copper knee sleeve are many and it can be worn daily. This is a latex-free knee sleeve.
  • Simple Stylish Design: Our high-quality copper compression knee sleeve offers an attractive choice for pain relief that’s suitable for both women and men. Please follow the size chart directions for appropriate fit.

Size Chart: (measure the circumference around kneecap)
➤ Small: 12.5″-14.5″ ➤ Medium: 14.5″-17.0″ ➤ Large: 17.0″-19.5″

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