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NeoAlly® High Strength Compression Knee Sleeves for Weightlifting

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Size: M

Color: Black

Sku: FF-6100-M

Strong Knee Support for High Performance

A Durable Solution for Strength Trainers

These high-strength knitted knee sleeves solve 2 problems experienced by strength trainers:

  1. Traditional knitted knee sleeves are not strong enough to meet their needs so, they turn to neoprene sleeves.
  2. Neoprene doesn't provide enough breathability, durability, and compression for an intense workout.

Our High Strength Compression Knee Sleeves are specifically designed for intense workouts that require a lot of repetitive movements and heavy lifting; they're thick, strong, breathable, and durable - an alternative to the traditional 7mm neoprene sleeve. They are the perfect CrossFit knee sleeves.

Uses for the High Strength Weightlifting Knee Sleeves:

  • Weightlifting
  • Powerlifting
  • CrossFit
  • Squats
  • Cross-Training

Learn More About Our NeoAlly® Heavy Duty Brand

Knee Sleeve Compression for Powerlifting & High Intensity Sports

Uniquely Designed Strong Knee Sleeve that's Better than Neoprene

Our high-strength knee compression sleeve is the upgraded alternative to 7mm neoprene knee sleeves; they're more breathable, more durable, and more flexible than neoprene. The sleeves provide optimal compression and support for increased performance.

The Ideal Knee Sleeves for Powerlifting

Our high-strength knee sleeves are specifically designed for intense workouts such as powerlifting. Using knee sleeves for powerlifting provides strong, breathable, and durable support for your knees that lasts longer than traditional neoprene.

THE Weightlifting Knee Sleeve Compression Support for Ultimate Workout Protection

This strong sleeve reduces pressure and swelling of the knee area during heavy duty activities, promotes muscle recovery, and provides knee pain relief.

Get Protection with Our Best CrossFit Knee Sleeves

Durability is the name of the game when it comes to protecting your knees from injuries that may occur from repetitive motions. Our CrossFit knee sleeves are designed to maintain consistent strong support when jumping, running, bending, and lifting.

Features & Benefits of the NeoAlly® High-Strength Knee Sleeve

  • High Strength Knitted Sleeve: A patent-pending blend of thick, reinforced knitted fabric in a high-density 3D circular weaving pattern that provides the durability and flexibility needed for high performance sports, weightlifting, and workouts.
  • High Performance Knee Support: The flexible properties of these sleeves will allow you to perform at your very best (neoprene sleeves are often not flexible enough for intense workouts). Perfect for high intensity weightlifters and powerlifters.
  • A Better Alternative to 7mm Neoprene Knee Sleeves: These knee sleeves are more breathable, more durable, and more flexible than traditional 7mm neoprene knee sleeves.
  • Long-lasting Structure: The seamless weaving in these durable knee sleeves prevent ripping and tearing issues that commonly occur in neoprene sleeves.
  • Ultimate Workout Protection: Reduces pressure and swelling of knee area during heavy duty activities, promotes muscle recovery, and provides knee pain relief.
  • Size & Color: There are 2 colors and 4 sizes to choose from for men and women. Please follow the size chart directions for appropriate fit.

Size Chart: (measure the circumference of your leg at the kneecap level)
➤ Medium: 13.5"-14.5" ➤ Large: 14.5"-16.0" ➤ X-Large:16.0"-17.5" ➤ XX-Large: 17.0" & above

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